Simple Steps to Setup HP Wireless Printer on the Ubuntu 16.04 System

Want to setup HP Wireless Printer on the Ubuntu 16.04 System and don’t how to do so? If yes, then follow the given steps. Actually, Ubuntu is an operating system which is open source software and helps you to easily Setup HP Wireless Printer on Ubuntu with just a few steps. You do not require installing the needed drivers, means you can install the printer by pressing series of buttons.
Step Setup HP Wireless Printer on Ubuntu 16.04 as follow:
Step-1: In Ubuntu open the Utility Dash and then look for Search function there.
Step-2: In the search box type Printers and from the list choose the Printers option
Step-3: Click on the button which has a green plus sign and clicks on the Add
Step-4: You will get a drop-down list in the left-hand corner when the New Printer dialog box comes up.
Step-5: To ‘Network Printer’, look for a black triangle
Step-6: By clicking on “Expand” the menu, choose Find Network Printer.
Step-7: In the lower left corner, search for a rotating icon
Step-8: The icon poin…

What To Do If The Money I Sent Via Facebook Messenger Never Arrived?

Nowadays, Facebook added a new feature in it Messenger, which gives people a more secure and convenient way to receive or send money between friends. But sometimes it’s become very annoying when you send money to your friend and he/she will never have it. If you are facing the same issue then get Facebook 24/7 customer service or follow given steps to fix your issue by yourself. 

First of all, be sure you have the valid credential of your accounts like Email and Password.
Step-1: Although, money sent over FB messenger should immediately arrive. Still, if there's a delay because of any technical issue, then it is because of the bank is processing the transfer on your account.
In such situation, it can take 5 bank working days to process the transfer.
Step-2: To make the transfer to see why the money is being held up, you should contact Facebook 24/7 Support or contact your bank. 
Step-3: In addition, by logging into your page you should also report the issue to Facebook.
Step-4: Cli…

Simple Method to Clean a Clogged Canon Printhead

Want to Clean a Clogged Canon Printhead, but don’t know how to do so then no need to worry. In this blog, you can get a solution of your issue. Actually, a clogged Canon printhead can be a root of many print issues. The ink can be smeared or makes pages dirty from ink being deposited. Along with this, the text characters segments can be missing or light altogether.
Try some simple steps for cleaning the printhead, before spend money replacing the printhead or you throw out the printer.

Steps to Clean a Clogged Canon Printhead:
Step-1: Go to the printer's Properties menu, and then choose the tab "Maintenance".
Step-2: Click the icon "Cleaning" as well as follow the commands to clean the appropriate Ink Group.
Step-3: If "Cleaning" doesn't correct the problem, then click the icon "Deep Cleaning".
Step-4: Now, to perform the deep cleaning operation, select the appropriate Ink Group as well as follow the instructions given.
Step-5: Remove the p…

How to Activate the Kaspersky Antivirus Application with a Trial License?

Want to active Kaspersky antivirus application with a trial license? If yes, then read the blog to know its complete procedure. Actually, the trial license not allows access to all application security features. It allows you to enjoy its feature, but its term is limited to one month. So, you need to activate your security software after the trial license key expires.
The Kaspersky trial version you can download from its Lab official website. If it was activated in the past or is still active on the same device, then trial license activation is unavailable.

Note: If you have activated the software with a commercial license previously, then you cannot use the trial license.
You can still activate Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 with a trial version if you have Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 installed.In case you would wish to continue after the trial license expires, then buy a commercial license.
Steps to activate Kaspersky antivirus 2018 from the trial version:
Step-1: Go to the www.kasper…

How To Fix Issue -Brother Printer Network Scanning Feature Does Not Work?

Are you troubled by issue -the network printing feature does not work? If yes, then no need to worry where you can get the solution of your issue.
Actually, the firewall setting on your computer may be rejecting the essential network connection. To configure Windows Firewall follow the instructions given below. In case you are using other personal firewall software, then for your software make out the User’s Guide or contact the software manufacturer.

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Network Scanning Feature Does Not Work Issue:-
Step-1: Click the Start button -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections. After that click on Windows Firewall. On the tab General is set to on, make sure that Windows Firewall.
Step-2: Click the Advanced tab and then Settings.
Step-3: Click the button Add.
Step-4: Enter the information given-below to add port 54925 for network scanning:-
Step-5: Enter any description in Description of service such as “Brother Scanner”.
Step-6: In Name or IP address …

How To Fix Kodak Printer Is Printing Too Dark, Light Or Slow Problems?

Kodak Printers are known for providing top-quality print results. But as it is an electrical device it is also not free from technical issues. A few issues like below-give are very common that you may come across while working with it. 1.Print too dark 2.Print too light 3.Printing slow If you are also troubled one such issue, then get experts support via Kodak printer support phone number or try given a solution.

Print too light
Note:For finest results, try to use Kodak paper as well as ink cartridges for your Kodak All-in-One printer. Step-1: Check the paper is available on the print side face down. Refill it if necessary. Step-2: Try taking the image again but with the flash off. To do this you can refer to your camera user's guide for more information. Step-3: Try taking the image again by adjusting the exposure compensation on your camera. Step-4: Manage the picture using Kodak EasyShare software or Kodak Home Center on your PC.
Print too dark
•Try taking the image again but…

How to Mojang | Minecraft game Updating Video Card Drivers?

If any technical issue prevents you to play your favorite game then you experiencing technical issue because your video card drivers are not updated. Actually, outdated video card drivers have been known to source problems like Minecraft game not starting, suddenly crashing, or not performing well. 

To solve such technical issue you will first need to define what type of video card drivers you installed. Try to avoid automatically Windows Update to detect the drivers, which you need, as the companies are more up to date always.
Follow the steps to update video card drivers according to your operating system:

Windows User Follow Below-given steps:
Step-1: Press the window+r key at the simultaneously. 
Step-2: Open the Run window from control and then type “dxdiag” into the run window as well as press enter key.

Step-3: In the dxdiag window, go to the display tab

Step-4: Now, download drivers according to the Manufacturer name and your device needs.

For Linux Users:
1.First of all open your co…

What are the System Requirements for Panda Cloud Antivirus?

Panda Cloud Antivirus is the best security solution that can secure your system from malware like Trojans or viruses, and hackers attack. This is helpful to protect confidential data, computer files, and components that can be corrupted if malware intrudes a system, and therefore before installing the Panda antivirus on your PC, make sure that it has sufficient hardware. Also, if you have any concerns, you can contact Panda support service center and ask the professionals to solve out your several questionnaires.

Operating System
Both free and pro editions of Panda Cloud Antivirus support the Windows XP Service Pack 2 and the latest operating systems of Microsoft Windows, meaning that it will work with Windows 10 /8/7/Vista. It also has compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows. A 64-bit computer can process and handle quickly than the 32-bit system, and Panda Cloud antivirus will work with both kinds of processors.
Your system must have at least 64MB memory runni…

What Causes a Kodak Printer to Print Blank Pages?

When you observe a reference document, printed presentation, or other business content and find unusual blank copies in your printouts, you have wasted paper that you can use for the productivity. Is your Kodak printer printing blank copies in the output? No worry! You can tackle the reason of your output faults; check the complete process of printing closely to find your hardware issues, before you try to print documents again. In such a situation, you can also ask the support of technicians by dialing Kodak printer support phone number to gain a stress-free solution.

Wrapped Cartridge

While you first unpack and install a modest or re-manufactured ink cartridge, one of the last instructions, before you insert it into your Kodak laser printer, entails of removing a seal that saves toner from escaping the cartridge in transportation. If you install the cartridge without eliminating the seal, the paper passes via the printer, but you will get the blank printouts without any image. When…

How to fix these top 5 issues with Netflix?

Netflix is one of the best administrations on the web that stands out among-st the most all around cherished innovations of this century. That doesn't mean it is drained of issues. You may keep running into stream quality issues; Netflix may essentially not react or various reasons. Luckily, you can settle the vast majority of these issues without an excessive amount of trouble. All you need to do is to consult the professionals by calling them up at Netflix support number. Also, you can take a

1.    Buffering
Steady buffering can be a precarious issue. Holding up thirty seconds to watch twenty seconds of video at once is no real way to appreciate the content. From multiple points of view it is established in an indistinguishable class from an association issue and along these lines can be dealt with in that capacity. Hope to check whether there are any issues in your association before intuition there is an issue with Netflix. On the off chance that there is an issue with Netflix…